GP News

Played as GP:
42 competitions

Attended in GP:
31 teams
444 contestants

Current leader 2020:
Perczyński Michał
Best time 2020:
Mucha Damian

Total smoked time:
34 d 22 h 59 m 59 s
and fired tobacco:
6.375 kg

10th Pipe Festival

Organizer: Przemysl Pipe Club

Date: June 28th 2015

Place: Bear Club, Przemysl

Pipe: Mr Brog

Tobacco: Gawith Hoggarth Bob's Chocolate Flake

Number of participants: 44

Winners: Marach Przemysław (1:27:50), Wierzbicki Zbigniew (1:17:32), Bednarz Mariusz (1:15:44)

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